2020 Community Association of Prospect Point (CAPP) Beach
The weather has been looking good so far! Unfortunately, we have also had to make many changes due to the recent COVID19 pandemic.  The board is making every effort to comply with state and local guidelines in order to have a 2020 season.  Per Governor Murphy's latest guidelines, the beach is permitted to open on 5/22/2020 with limitations. 
Due to COVID19, the board has had to implement changes to the beach rules. As you know, things are constantly changing and rules will be updated to keep current with guidelines.  If you decide to join this season, it is incumbent upon our members to adhere to these rules. Failure to adhere to the rules not only puts your membership in jeopardy, it puts the entire beach at risk of being closed.  We will update our members via email, website, Facebook and public posting of rule changes on the property. 
Before you join, we want to be as transparent as possible. Please see below for rules and announcements:  
  • No guests will be permitted. Until further notice, only members are permitted.  This will assist with social distancing requirements. 
  • Membership is fu;; and closed effective 7/3/2020.  Membership opens again 04/01/2021. 
  •  Picnic tables and barbecues are available again effective 06/11/20  
  • Social distancing of 6 feet or greater between groups of family members. No groups of family members greater than 10 people.
  • Pavilion is closed. No pavilion rental at this time.
  • Events- CAPP Beach events are canceled at this time. 
  • Lifeguards will present if possible. Lifeguards will rotate, one  lifeguard watching the water while the other is in rest period.  
  • Parents are responsible for their children and their adherence to social distancing requirements. The lifeguards cannot be expected to monitor social distancing; their job is to watch the water and swimmers.
  • No shared toy box. The toy box has been removed. Please bring your own toys and do not permit sharing with others.
  • Water hammocks are back in the water! 06/11/20
  • Parents are responsible for their children and enforcing social distancing. Lifeguards will not be able to enforce social distancing requirements.  
  • Snack Shack- Modifications have been made to the Snack Shack to allow us to open.
  • Water testing- The Lake Hopatcong Foundation will be testing water for harmful algae bloom. We are making every effort to ensure local beaches will be tested. Our usual water testing will also start at this time for e-coli etc.
  • A daily maximum capacity is 75 members on the property. 
  • Regulations may change at any given time. Remember that refunds are not provided, but we thank you for supporting our non-profit community.                                                                                                                                                                                  As an all volunteer board, we do not have the means by which to constantly enforce the above rules.  As shareholders, it is incumbent upon every member to abide by the rules. If you find the beach is too crowded, people are not social distancing etc., it is your responsibility to advise to leave the premises and/or contact local authorities. Failure to adhere to rules not only puts your membership at risk, it affects the entire beach membership. If we do not follow guidelines, we are at risk of being shut down. 

We know there are many changes this year.  But we know are wonderful community will come together to solve any challenges.  Please bear with us; we are an all volunteer board trying to navigate unchartered waters (no pun intended). Let's make the best lemonade we can. Thank you all for your understanding.  Below are some things we are working on that are NON-COVID19 related:

  1. New roof on pavilion is complete. 

  2. New lifeguard  has been added. This will allow lifeguards to check badges. 

  3. Continuing to update painting. How do you like the new shed color?

  4. New decorations to be added. 

  5. Credit card transactions to be available at Snack Shack (if all goes well).

Membership & Rates


2020 Membership

*Before June 30, 2020*
Senior Citizen - $80
Prospect Point Resident Family - $200

*After June 30,, 2020*
Senior Citizen - $90
Resident Family - $225

*Resident Family is one who
resides within Prospect Point
according to the Jefferson
Township Tax Map.  If you have
any questions as to your location,
please contact Membership at
(973) 663-5457.

*Non-Resident Family is one who resides outside of Prospect
Point. Non-resident family memberships are not being accepted at this time.

Badges will be available on and after June 8 at the Snack Shack.

If membership is paid at anytime during the summer season, you do not have to wait for badges to use the beach. Badges are usually available a week after we receive of your membership.

As of 6/9, you must be a resident of Prospect Point to join CAPP. 

The online membership application has been disabled since it cannot automatically determine eligibility.  You must download, print and mail the application below if you would like to join as a Prospect Point resident.


Dog Patrol Permits



We are not a dog park however, we allow dogs on the beach during early morning hours in order to curb the duck and geese population.  This helps to keep our beach clean of feces that plagues other area beaches. 


Our members take priority on the beaches therefore, dogs are not permitted to run loose if a member is present. We ask our members to please allow the dogs to do their job of patrolling our beach during early morning and late evening hours. 


All dogs must be obtain a permit. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dog. 

Pavilion Rental
According to state guidelines, pavilion is not available for rental for the 2020 season. Rules are subject to change. 

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