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CAPP  Beach is intended for use by its paid shareholders (members) and their guests. Members have a responsibility to follow the rules set forth by the board.



  •  Use of this CAPP Beach property is at your own risk; lifeguards are there to help provide safety, but not guarantee it.

  •  Parents are responsible for their children's' actions and will be held liable.

  •  All members must be in possession of a CAPP beach badge with the current year sticker. Badges are issued for household members   13 years old or greater. 

  •  Senior memberships are available only if the deeded homeowner is the senior citizen.

  •  Household members are defined as those who permanently reside in your household. Proof of residency may be requested.   Falsification of membership information could result in revocation of membership.

  •  CAPP is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

  •  Use of the facility is permitted only in accordance with all Federal, State, Local Laws and Ordinances.

  •  Children under the age of 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult member 18 years or older, IF they are able to follow   CAPP  rules.

  •  No rough horseplay.

  •  CAPP property closes at 9 pm unless a board member is present (e.g. events).

  •  No tie up or docking of boats is permitted at the dock or other beach area.

  •  No kayak, paddleboard, rowboat, canoe etc. can be launched from the swimming area. You may launch from the right of dock,   outside of the fenced area.


  •  Swimming is permitted in designated areas only and may be restricted by lifeguards at any time. If you are unsure, check with a  lifeguard.

  •  There is no diving. No diving from dock or other areas of the beach.

  • No jumping or diving from the fence surrounding the dock. 

  •  No pushing, shoving or wrestling on the dock.

  •  Water hammocks are for relaxing. No standing or jumping; they are not trampolines.

  •  Normal lifeguard hours are 12-6 pm. Open weekends only in June until school lets out, then daily.

  •  Lifeguards may apply their best judgement in determining rules to help ensure the safety of the swimmers. All members and guests   are required to follow lifeguard instruction. Failure to follow lifeguards instruction or any abuse of the lifeguards (verbal or physical) may results in the loss of your household membership. No refunds are provided.



  •  Alcohol is not permitted.

  •  Marijuana vaping or smoking is not permitted on CAPP properties. We are a family beach. Please indulge at home.

  •  Fires are not permitted on the beach/sand area unless organized and attended by a board member with a valid fire permit from the   township.

  •  Bike riding is not permitted in the beach/sand area.

  •  Sand castles are encouraged but any holes MUST be filled in before you leave.

  •  Fishing is only permitted if swimmers are not present. This includes the dock and barbecue area. You may fish off the right side of   the dock (rail side) only after lifeguard hours (12-5 daily), again when no swimmers are present. Fishing is never permitted in the   swimming area, whether swimmers are present or not. If you are unsure, check with a lifeguard.

  •  Umbrellas. pop up tents, etc. are not to obstruct the lifeguard’s view and should be placed towards the rear of the property.

  •  Do not litter.  Put all debris in the provided, marked containers.



  •  CAPP Members are responsible for their guests and must be always present with them at all times.

  •  Members are responsible to ensure that guests abide by CAPP rules and code of conduct.

  •  No resident of Prospect Point may be a guest of a member.

  •  Limit of 5 guests per day. 


  • A dog sticker/permit is required on your badge. You must indicate on your membership application that a dog permit is requested.

  •  MEMBERS ALWAYS TAKE PRIORITY ON THE BEACH. If you encounter a member, you must leash your dog immediately and leave the beach.


  • See full Dog Patrol rules here:  

Rules may be implemented or modified during certain situations by the board or lifeguard. Ranking board member or lifeguard  has the authority at the beach.  

Pease see our full bylaws here: 

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