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About Us

The Community Association of Prospect Point (C.A.P.P.) is a private, not-for-profit organization.  Membership is required to access the beach and most social activities.

Our purpose is to make life in the Prospect Point area of Lake Hopatcong more fun and enjoyable for all of our member families. Our private non-profit beach in Lake Hopatcong provides swimming and year-round social activities. Our Snack Shack provides hotdogs, hamburgers, French fries, ice cream, soft drinks, as well as many other food and snack items.  

Many of us have wonderful childhood memories of days spent at the beach. Some of us just wish we had the opportunity to have such a great place in our backyard. We all want our children to grow up remembering great times at one of the most beautiful beaches in Lake Hopatcong.

Our elected Board of Directors is a fun, dedicated group of volunteers who take care of essential matters while breathing new life into the CAPP Beach experience. Over the past few years, membership has increased by about 30% yearly. We welcomed some new families from the area. More are joining this year for the first time. In addition to the fun of meeting new people, additional membership dues allow us to enjoy more upgrades and fun happenings at the beach!



We are a non-profit organization. All board positions are volunteer only. After paying our yearly fixed expenses,  proceeds from additional membership dues allow us to purchase new equipment, maintain and improve the property, save for big purchases and run more fun events at the beach. Proceeds from the Snack Shack also go directly to beach improvements. So while you're enjoying a frosty ice cream or chilled drink, you're also helping to make the place even more fun in the future!


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